Thursday, May 12, 2016

Take an Inspirational Journey Across the World

360°  Technology-Take an inspirational journey across the world with your students on
a virtual reality adventure right from your classroom.

Mark Twain’s 4th grade classes did just that with Mrs. McCoy’s and Mrs.Glaser’s students.

“WOW”,  that was the the response when the students explored

the 360 Virtual Reality technology!  Each student had an opportunity to explore Patriotic
Landmarks and then took a helicopter ride over the Polar Seas.

Many websites now provide Virtual Reality experiences to provide realistic visits to many cities and places. Fourth Graders explored the below Patriot Landmarks link:

Are you getting ready for a summer vacation?  Below are some 360 links to explore before you leave.

Immerse yourself in the world's first 360° documentary Polar Sea 360 film that explores the drastically changing Arctic landscape. Watch this with you google cardboard viewer and create a realistic experience.

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