Friday, May 13, 2016

Email Tracker

WCS has switched from Groupwise to Gmail! While many people are very happy with the new features and options of Gmail, one of the features that was not included in the transformation was email tracking. In Groupwise staff had the ability to see if and when an email was received and opened. Gmail does not offer this feature in its basic email package. But there is a Chrome extension that does!

If you add the Email Tracker extension you will be able to see emails in your "sent mail" label and a dot or checkmark will identify whether the email has been opened by the user.

Watch this video to walk you through how to add the Email Tracker extension.

Step by step directions for adding the Chrome extension:
1. Open the Chrome Web Store
2. Search for "Email Tracker"
3. Click on "Add to Chrome"
4. When prompted, click "Add extension"
5. Open Gmail
6. Send an email
7. Open the "Sent Mail" label
8. Sit back and watch dots turn to checkmarks!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Educational Technology Integration Coaches!


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