Monday, April 17, 2017

Google Slides now plays videos from Google Drive! read that right.  For many of us, we have the challenge of our students being blocked from YouTube.  Students and teachers in our elementary schools were not able to add videos to their presentations because there was no way to access them.  No more!

Google Slides now allows all users to add videos directly from their Google Drive avoiding YouTube altogether.  As a teacher, you can now record your video, save it to your Google Drive and insert it as part of your lesson.  Students can now use tools like screencasting or video cameras to show off their reading fluency, explain a concept, record an interview and so much more.

Check out the screenshots below to see where the option is available.  As always, contact your Ed Tech Coach if you have additional questions.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Google integration with Schoology update!

Currently Schoology allows submissions using the Google Drive App. This connects a user's Schoology account with their Google Drive. Students currently create documents in Google and then submit them via Schoology. Schoology is updating their service to make the two tools even more integrated! 

Schoology's Enhanced Google Drive Integration (Coming Soon)

Key Enhancements

  • Simple integrated workflow from assignment, student work, submission to grading
  • Assign a copy of Google documents with a single click
  • Support for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Monitor student progress on assignments in real time
  • Seamless grading experience using Schoology rubrics
Read more about these updates from Schoology's website.

When these updates are installed, contact your building's Technology Coach with any questions you have!

Friday, April 7, 2017

SAVE TIME! Create your own Dropbox(Work Collector) for all your students' assignments.

Have you ever wanted your students to submit work to you directly on your Google Drive?

Watch this 2 minute video shows you how to create your own DROP BOX for your students to use from any digital device, whether they are logged in or not. Learn how by watching the video or follow these step by step directions at this link:

Add a QRCODE to your dropbox link and students can submit via the QRCode.

Click the Work Collector picture to see how one teacher integrates it in her classroom using QRCodes displayed around her room with her Google Dropbox.