Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Help! My Schoology Courses are Missing!!!

Winter break is over, and now that you've settled down back into the swing of things you thought you'd take a look at your old Schoology courses that you created last semester to update or reuse for future courses. After logging into Schoology you realize that all of the work you've done has gone missing! 
And you're like...

Well have no fear. If you had courses that were created by PowerSchool, they might have only been one semester long (regardless if you have the same kids showing up to your classes now). If the course is in the books as a semester course, then Schoology has conveniently archived those courses for you. All of your work is not lost! You must simply click the "see all" button in your course listing, and then select the "archived" courses. All of your assignments, tests, videos, links, etc. are all still there. If you haven't already stored those items in your personal resources in Schoology, We'd suggest doing that. It is an easier way to pull old material into new courses as time goes on.

Schoology has a support article available to walk you through the process if you need some help. Or you can always contact your WCS Educational Technology Integration Coach for some Schoology help!

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