Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This post is epic! No seriously. EPIC! is website / app that allows a teacher to create accounts for their students to access literally thousands of books. The books available are geared toward K-5 reading levels, and many of them have a read aloud feature with them. So even the "non-readers" can sit and have a book read to them! 

To get started, a teacher creates a free account (The service is available to parents also for approx $5/mo.) Once a teacher has created a free account, they will add students to their list. Students can then open the app or website and select their profile. (profiles can be PIN protected if needed). From there they can choose an avatar, and select the types of books that interest them. Once this process is complete, students can then select one of many different books available for them to read. As the students continue reading, EPIC! tracks their progress and assigns reading points that the kids can use to get unique add-ons to their profiles (backgrounds, faces, colors, etc.)

While teachers often have many different books available for students to read in their classrooms, this expands those libraries exponentially, absolutely free!

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