Friday, September 25, 2015

Supporting Communication in your Classroom and School

In the last post about communication with parents and students I wrote about reasons to have a webpage.  This post is going to showcase another great communication tool called Remind. Remind allows a teacher or school to contact their students and parents through texts.  One of the important features to know about Remind is the teacher sending the text does not see the student cell number and the student does not see the teachers cell number. Another great feature is the ability to schedule posts in advance for a future date or time. These along with a few more features are available for free for teachers and schools and only takes a minute to set up.

Top ten messages to send through Remind:
1. Remind students of an upcoming test or quiz.
2. Remind students about a homework due date.
3. Send positive life messages to students.
4. Send event updates including sporting, drama, club, etc events.
5. Send schedule changes to teams and clubs.
6. Ask parents to volunteer for events or activities.
7. Remind Staff about meetings.
8. Send messages to cancel an event.
9. Send a quick voice message.
10. Send professional development opportunities to your staff.

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