Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Tools Available for Read Write for Google App

Read and Write for Google has launched two new tools! 

As many of you know, Read Write for Google has been purchased and is now available for all staff and students in Westerville City Schools.  The tool can be accessed on any device that is internet capable - either at home or at school. The tool will be accessible when anyone in the Westerville Google domain logs into a Chrome browser with their long email or student account, no downloading necessary! The first time they login, the teacher or student will be prompted to click "accept". Please do this so that the program has permission to operate. This tool will constantly run on the URL bar, as long as you are on your computer and logged in.

New Tools:

Voice Notes - it permits you and/or your students to create an audio file on a document in two clicks. This is great for teachers that are collecting classwork online. Rather than writing out their feedback, they provide a simple 1 minute audio clip. Super easy! Here is a 2 minute video to demonstrate the tool and what it looks like. 

Word Prediction for Internet use!
This tool permits a student to utilize the word prediction feature that is and has been a part of Read and Write for Google. However, now students may use the tool when typing online or into a website. Here is a short 2 minute video demonstrating this tool and how it can be used for your students. 

Contact your Technology Integration Coaches in your building if you have Read and Write for Google questions. Don't forget that the kids can use this at home and even on their mobile devices!