Monday, March 20, 2017

Check the Status of Your Ticket!

This fall, Westerville City Schools launched its new Technology Solutions Help Desk, where teachers could put in tickets requesting training with school technology products, as well as alerting the district that something wasn't working properly.

We wanted to let you know that after receiving feedback from many different sources, we've changed the drop down menu to help streamline the ticket process. Now, when you click on the first drop down menu, you will only see 5 different options:

Device Issues
Ed Tech Coach Request
Make a Request
Software Assistance
User Accounts

These categories should lead you to anything you need associated with your technology use here at Westerville City Schools.

Device Issues: This dropdown pertains to any physical problems you are having with technology. An example might be a keyboard is broken on a machine, or a bulb is burnt out in a projector.

Ed Tech Coach Request: This will alert one of the Ed Tech Coaches that you have a question about the use of a product, or that you would like to set up some training to help you implement technology integration in your classroom.

Make a Request: This simply alerts the district that you would like to request some technology be moved in your room, or you need something installed.

Software Assistance: This selection pertains to all of the software available to staff and students in Westerville City Schools. The software is separated into "Instructional Software", "PowerSchool/PowerTeacher", and "Productivity Software." Use these to request help with student log in issues, account set up or sync problems, or any other issues you might have with district technology.

User Accounts: This is typically used if a teacher or student cannot log into a district device, or a teacher or student new to the district is requesting a district account, giving them access to email and desktop computers.

Hopefully the changes made in the drop down menus will help streamline the ticket process and get teachers and students the help they need to use the products available to them in the classroom.

Once a ticket has been submitted, please know that you can view the ticket and see who is the assigned tech to the ticket, and if any notes or updates have been added to the ticket, explaining where the district is addressing the problem presented.

Click here for step by step directions to view a ticket's progress that you have already submitted.

And for those of you who would like a recap video walking through the ticket system, watch the video below!

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