Friday, October 14, 2016

Google Cast

Now that our classrooms have access to Chromebooks, we want learning to be as collaborative as possible. Google Cast is a way for a teacher to organize students ability to share what they are looking at on their Chromebook with the teacher or the rest of the class. Google Cast can be used by students enrolled in a Google Classroom, or individual students with a G Suite account. (G Suite is the new name for Google Apps For Education, or GAFE. All WCS students and staff have G Suite accounts)

This new tool is a great way to showcase the individual work that students are doing.

Google Cast intro video:

Take some time to set up and play with the ability for students to share their learning with you and your students. If you have questions, make sure to contact your Ed Tech Coach, or let us know how you are using this tool with your class!

How to set up Google Cast in your classroom.

Add the Google Cast extension here.

Please note: Google Cast for Education is different than Chromecast.

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