Monday, April 18, 2016

Students Explore, Discover and Engage during Hanby's Magnet Power Hour

Hanby Magnet School implemented Magnet Power Hour this year with their students in first through fifth grade. Hanby Magnet Power Hour is a special hour of learning where students  “Explore, Discover and Engage”.

Hanby Magnet School teachers have offered their students exploration time during Power Hours to integrate the Science, Technology, Arts and Math (STEAM). During this hour students explore questions and find interesting and relevant subjects that inspire them to learn more.

Hanby teachers ask their students: What do they want to learn?
Students are allowed time to explore their ideas with guided instruction.  Power Hour is schedule once every six days and the students look forward to this special time for learning.  Students choose what they are passionate about and spend time discovering.

An example project by our first grade students in Mrs. Smith’s class included exploring various coding activities.  Some of the sites used for these activities are as follows:
  1. Code -Learn to code, for students
  2. Espresso -Coding–for youngers
  3. Hopscotch -Programming on the iPad
  4. Kahn Academy -A personalized programming learning resource for all ages

Mrs. Plumb, a Hanby 3rd grade teacher lead a project on  Antarctica. Students  in various grades discovered  animals and explored their habitat. Each student documented their findings with Google Docs.

What do you do during Power Hour?
  • “We get to do candy experiments, create animations and study reptiles” said Ella, first grader.
  • “I like Mrs. Smith candy experiment and how we get to journal.” said Nana, third grader.
  • “I like Power Hour because I’m learning about reptiles, painted turtles and how the shell grows,  it’s my favorite class.” John, third grader.  “We also used Google Docs to show our research on Antarctica.” Nana, third grader.
Hanby teachers offer student choice during Power Hour.  Students love Power Hour and look forward to it every week. Power Hour gives Hanby students choice, time to explore, discover and engage.

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