Monday, March 14, 2016

Chrome Remote Desktop

Recently I presented at a building staff meeting, and the room we were using had the projector screen in the front of the room, however the computer attached to the projector was in the rear of the room. This set up makes presenting difficult. In order to present from the front of the room using my Chromebook, I used Chrome Remote Desktop. This Chrome app is available for free at Chrome Web Store, and after a one time download on your desktop computer, the app allows you to access your desktop via your Chromebook.

Once you've run through the setup procedure, you simply open the app on both the desktop and the Chromebook. A screen will pop up that asks if you want to "Access" or "Share" your computer. If you click "Share" on your desktop, a 12 digit access code will appear on your screen. On the Chromebook, click "Access" and a box appears to enter that 12 digit access code. Once you correctly entered the code, the screen on your Chromebook will mirror that of your desktop. You will see that your Chromebook is now controlling your desktop. As you move the cursor on the Chromebook, the cursor on the desktop will also move. This allows you to control the computer attached to a projector while keeping the mobility of the Chromebook.

There are other uses for this Chrome app. Play around with it and let us know what other uses you found this to be helpful with!

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