Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Using Google Forms to Create Poems

At Alcott Elementary, Mrs. Amici's 5th graders recently completed a Google Form to answer the question, "What makes you special?" Students were instructed to share the first positive thing they thought of about each of their classmates. This was accomplished by Mrs. Amici creating a Google Form with every student listed.

"Using Google Forms made the process of collecting student responses much easier," said Mrs. Amici.

Under each student name, the class had to write their one positive word to describe their classmate and submit the Form.  Mrs. Amici then shared the collected positive words with each student and they wrote and decorated a "What makes you special?" poem.  The poems were then shared with each student and parents to celebrate how each student is special and unique.

Google Form used to collect Student Responses

Google Sheet used to Compile Student Responses

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