Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Google Smarty Pins Game

Students love learning with games.  Try out the new Google Smarty Pins Game! It’s a great Geography lesson.

Click the “Start a game now” button
Optional – Click “Select a category” to filter the type of questions. (History is my favorite)                 
When the game loads, you’ll see the question on the left.  Grab the pin and drag it to the correct location on the map.
Click the “Submit Answer” button.
If you submit the answer within 15 seconds, you get a bonus!
After 15 seconds, a hint will appear under the question.  .You start the game with 1000 miles. If you get the answer right, you keep all of your miles;  If you  “miss”,  the miles are subtracted from your total.  See the “Miles Remaining” gauge under the question. Keep answering questions until you win or until you use all of your miles. Have Fun!

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