Monday, February 29, 2016

Kiddle = Kids + Google

The Google search bar has changed the way we find things on the internet, and has become so popular that the title has actually become a verb used in every day language. Don't know something? Then you simply "Google" it. Google has everything, and for teachers, sometimes we don't want kids looking at everything. Sometimes we want kids to be able to search for information about items we are discussing in class, but only want to be able to find things that are kid appropriate. Well Kiddle may offer a better, safer way to search for items on the internet without ALL the results presented.

Earlier this month, was released. This site uses the power of Google to search for items on the internet, but only produces results that are filtered through Google's own "safesearch" and also human editors to weed out inappropriate content. The results typically include simple language, as well as images to help sort through the content. While the results are much "cleaner" than a typical Google search, it doesn't catch 100% of things that a teacher or parent might not want to pop up, but it is definitely much safer than an unfiltered search.

So if you have kids doing research, may just be one of the safer starting points for them to search articles, images, news articles and videos. (Note, the site uses the .co ending, and not .com.)

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